Just started off doodling cute little witches during breaks but then they kind of took over. 

Tía just came to force that dude and his bro to bed thnk u God amen now to have a serious conversation

*eye roll* *eye roll* *eye roll* *eye roll* *eye roll* *eye roll* *eye roll* *eye roll*

This dude think he so chill “if I died I wanna die skydiving” like what kinda try-hard shit

How bout they don’t do this in the same room granma sleeping in

Oh my god like what the fuck can they not do this shit right now like ughhhhhhh if you read these posts Josie don’t tell my sis bout these posts lmao

My sister being real slutty with the 6. 0 from Venezuela like this shit is annoying she think she slick “you ticklish?” she get that fake laugh too like I’ve clocked this shit for years ever since she figured out she was pretty she jus like getting that attention I mean there’s nothing wrong with it but it’s annoying as fuck like I just wanna yell at her to tone the slut down but at the same time that would go against everything I stand for when it comes to being a feminist but still like her being my sister makes it personal like I just think about how she must be like this when she’s by herself and that shit scares me but I’m lk jealous too cus ya know I’ve never experienced that kinda attention I mean it’s 3 am and so many emotions rn tbh shit got me heated like now she decided to play some adult truth or dare like tf I’m honestly so annoyed right now

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Baby: m..m..m-
Mother: memes?
Baby: mama
Mother: that's not gonna get me any notes you little disappointment